• The operator uses the /opt directory to download and build software.
  • We expect the build-essential package:
  • Software is either installed into
    • /usr/local or
    • /opt
  • if feasable we use slashpackage, so we also get software installed into /command.
  • If feasable we use diet libc for compiling.
  • Webthings like roundup, ?PmWiki, ?Wordpress, ?Drupal, ?Roundcube are installed into /srv
  • If we use Perl modules we expect cpanm to be installed.


apt-get install build-essential

Directory permissions

  • We assure that these directories are chmod 2775; chgrp staff, so that the operator can install software to them without elevated privileges.
    • /opt
    • /usr/local
    • /srv
    • /command
sudo -i

# Slashpackage
install -d -m 2775 -o root -g staff /command /package

for d in /opt /usr/local /srv; do
    chmod -R g+w $d
    chgrp -R staff $d
    chmod g+s $d