In this Wiki we collect information on Software we use or used once. This includes:

  • Set up and best practice guides.
  • Patches we use or have created.
  • Our own software, which tends to be in the public domain or open source.
  • The blog with articles about a variety of topics

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Simple secure servers

  • policy for installing software and running systems.

Software we use



Building and maintaining



  • webdesign, html, markdown, microformats
  • Email
  • DNS - Domain Name Service
  • Time - yes … a technology.
  • TLS - Transport Layer Security
  • LDAP - where the users are
  • Internet - minor bits about the foundations

Our Software

  • Baccus - backup software.
  • Tsurbl - spam detection processor.


  • plan9 - not much left but inspiration.

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