The term Roundup is probably best known as the brand-name of a questionable herbicide. We are talking here about something else: the Roundup (issue tracker), who’s homepage is at:

The main attractivity of Roundup is its simplicity and flexibility. Although it is inicially perceived as a software bug-tracker, Roundup can be adapted to a lot of scenarios where you want a community of people to hold track of information which can be represented as tabular data.

At different workplaces and in different occasions we have used it for such different things as:

  • Online ToDo list for project progress monitoring.
  • Prototyping of a new/diffent kind of requirements engineering tool - a System Architects Workbench with extension down to the implementors.
  • Monitoring tool for a project portfolio of a maker of industrial plants.

And of course we use it for our own issue tracker at MagmaSoft.

We have gained some expertise in customizing roundup as well as some insight in its bugs and peculiarities.

With gia, a group collaboration tool, we are sharing for the first time a Roundup template as open source software. We hope that with time, or on demand, we can publish some of the other templates too.