System administrators get:

  • secure shell access to the server.

  • added to the sudo group so they can elevate their privileges.

  • added to the adm group so they can read logs.

  • added to the staff group, so they can install software locally without additional privileges.

Add user

Gecos: * Full Name: name * Room Number: Company * Work Phone: phone * Home Phone: optional * Other: support Email address

Enable operator

sudo -i


for g in sudo adm staff; do adduser $OP $g; done

Install SSH key

sudo -i


eval cd ~$OP
install -d -m 700 .ssh -o $OP -g $OP
touch .ssh/authorized_keys
chown $OP:$OP .ssh/authorized_keys 
# Paste the public key here
cat > .ssh/authorized_keys