gatling is a very small, very scalable web server.

A main feature for us is el-cheapo virtual hosting. In order to add a new website, just create a new directory for it. No restart required.

We have done a lot of testing to make gatling replace the A in LAMP. This means mainly, prepare for running PHP web sites via a ?fcgi setup.

Recent gatling also supports SNI via mbedtls which makes it maybe one of the most ressource efficient web serving solutions.

As of end 2017 we have found out, that gatling scrambles large POSTS and have switched temporarily to Hiawatha on SSL, until the bug is fixed.




Get the source

cd ~/progs
cvs -d -z9 co gatling


Always update the source from CVS

cd ~/progs/gatling
cvs update

Compile gatling

cd ~/progs/gatling
make gatling

Install gatling

make install

gatling will be copied to /opt/diet/bin. If you built the https binaries tlsgatling or ptlsgatling, they will be installed there too.


We run gatling under runit. ?setup details several options.