gatling can be compiled either with openssl or with mbedtls in order to be able to server https.

Building gatling with https support

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Setup gatling for serving https


Private key and full certificate chain has to be provided in one file, ending with .pem. These pem files have to be placed into the directory where gatling is running.

The file server.pem is the default file and is used for the initial SNI handshake.

The files for a virtual domain must be named domain.pem.

If a pem file is valid for several domains, make symlinks for each domain.

Make the pem files chown root.www-data and chmod 640.

Enable https in gatling

You must add -e -p 443 to the gatling commandline to enable -encryption on -port 443. These options are only available for ptlsgatling and tlsgatling.