daemontools is a process supervising toolset for managing long running processes also called daemons

We consider it exotic, because it doubles some functionality of init-systems like sysvinit or systemd and is not know to be used widely.

Although daemontools are available as Debian packages we install it it locally using diet libc and slashpackage.



# Get the source
cd /package
curl -OL https://cr.yp.to/daemontools/daemontools-0.76.tar.gz
tar xzf daemontools-0.76.tar.gz

# Patch for diet libc and errno.h
cd /package/admin/daemontools-0.76
sed -i 's:gcc:diet gcc -include /opt/diet/include/errno.h:' src/conf-cc
sed -i 's/gcc/diet -Os gcc -s -Os -pipe/' src/conf-ld

# Compile and Install

cd /package/admin/daemontools-0.76


We have also runit for process supervising. runit has some advantages for setup, but some daemontools executables are used by other packages like djbdns.

Also, daemontools provides the tai64nlocal programm which is used for reading ?multilog and ?svlogd logfiles.