gia is an online idea database used by groups in order to organize around a project.

In order to work with gia you just need a webbrowser. Any device should do, desktop computer, tablet of smartphone, since gia adapts to small and big displays.

Target icon When you access the groups idea-database you will see a list of goals, which are publicly shared. By clicking on the title of a goal you will get a page where the group has added a description to the goal.

Lightbulb icon If you become a member of the group, you can authenticate yourself to the gia database by entering your username and password on top of the page. As soon as you are succesfully authenticated you will get access to a new tab which lists the ideas. By clicking on the title of an idea you will get the description too. If the ideas are linked to one or more goals, you will see the links and you can navigate through the maze of goals and ideas.

Most important, you will be able to comment on goals and ideas and you are allowed to attach files to them - documents, photos, … Other members interested in the specific goal or item will be notified by Email, thus spurring the ongoing discussion.

Group icon In case you are very engaged in the group, you probably get an administrative account. In this case, also the activities list is unlocked for you and you get full edit access to all goals, ideas and activities. Administrators also can manage the user accounts of the gia database.