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Internet Mail 2000

The im2000 messaging system is another way to see Email.

My document about im2000 concepts is meant to be reference material.

Ricardo Signes has a basic proposal to it. I keep the URL here, because I never find it in the mails.

I have been playing around with im2000 too. Curiously I am not proposing to use traditional Email for the purposes of im2000, but I implemented a proposal for mail storage posting using Qmail - somewhat contradictory, isn't it?

The Tagged Message Delivery Agent could provide some of the securing mecanism to make this implementation still useful.

One of the challenges is howto store im2000 messages and how to post them. With Qmail it's really trivial, check it out.

Another question is, how mailing lists are handled.

I want to make my postto the im2000 mailing list about categories of mailing lists one day into a similar work as the Posting Proposal. For now it's just a copy of the post.

This toy is becoming bigger, I spent some time to add Mailing from your MUA, Notifyingand Collecting Messages these days.

If you want to install your Qim-server see the instrucctions,

there is even a "tarball"

For persons new to im2000 there is a List of Frequently Answered Question is available.

Linux (spanish)TopProposals for (the Mail subsystem of) DebianInternet Mail 2000