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Proposals for (the Mail subsystem of) Debian

There are several issues pending which have since ever striked on me while configuring a Linux computer, especially with respect to Email. Debian has helped a lot to reduce the impacts, but it deserves major improvements.

On this page I will recollect several proposals with respect to the Mail subsystem and eventually other ones. Now stop vapour and give the one and only link available by now:

Email Policy proposal for Debian Gnu/Linux

is a prospect to configure all packages with respect to a users mailbox in a way, that a default delivery method selected by the administrator at installation time is respected. This way, a Debian user can select actually between mbox, Maildir and MH delivery, without having to know how to tweak the system, to get instant access to her mailbox. However the world is not so nice (yet), about 110 packages will have to be adapted, and especially the MUA's will not sumise easily. The document discusses several issues outside the proposal which should be addressed by the developers comunity.

Internet Mail 2000TopProposals for (the Mail subsystem of) Debian