Bits, Tips and Recipes


  • ?TipsQmailScanner
    • How to set up Qmail Scanner
  • ?TipsQmail
    • Installing Qmail on Debian
  • ?TipsMaildir
    • Setting up Qmail/Maildir delivery
  • ?TipsQmailLdap
    • Installing Qmail-LDAP on Debian
  • TipsAnd/QmailAnalog


  • ?TipsCodaAddPartition
    • How to add a new partition to a coda server
  • ?TipsCodaAndFirewalls
    • How to configure (linux 2.4+) firewalls for coda
  • ?TipsCodaFlakyNetwork
    • Dealing with slow/unstable network conditions


  • ?TipsAgataReport
    • How to install Agata Report and php-gtk on Debian unstable
  • ?TipsJffnms
    • Just for fun Network Managment.
  • ?TipsApacheJffnms
    • How to configure Apache for the Debian Jffnms package
  • ?TipsRoundupPostgres
    • Roundup Issue Tracker with Postgres Database: make it more secure and consistent
  • ?TipsBamboo
    • Install Bamboo not on Apache
  • ?TipsCvstrac
    • how I do cvstrac-king on on Debian
  • ?TipsFnord
    • fnord is a tiny html server
  • ?TipsIlohaMail
    • Webmail. Patch for dates in Inbox
  • /MoinMoin
    • How we modify MoinMoin to suite our needs


  • TipsOpenAcs
    • Hints for setting up Open ACS
  • TipsAnteris
    • Posix Account and Anteris Setup on Open ACS
  • ?TipsAwstatAolserver
    • How to configure awstats on Aolserver
  • TipsAolserver
    • What I found out the hard way


  • TipsLogcheck
    • configuration and maintainance of logcheck
  • ?TipsBash
    • Bourne Shell on Gnu systems
  • ?TipsPostgres
    • configuration of the PostgreSQL RDBMS
  • ?TipsIbackup
    • [=ibackup] facilitates backup of system configurations
  • ?TipsSupervise
    • Setting up a supervised service
  • ?TipsSlapd
    • Maintaining a slapd LDAP server
  • ?TipsUtils
    • Utilities likely to be installed sooner or later
  • ?TipsTiger
    • Tiger is a Security Check system for GNU-like operating systems


  • TipsGnus
    • configuration of the Gnus Mail/Newsreader


How to write a Tip:

Edit this page and insert where it seems right the title as Subpage, followed bye a one-line description:

 * /Mytip
   * This is my tip about tips

Save and Click on the new link. When prompted to create the new page, select the TipsTemplate.