We did some ldap-authentication thingy for ?WebDynamite.

  • http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/SebastianBreier But here, we wanted to authenticate against our unix-users. It does not work with pam, because when running under the webserver user we don't have the required privileges. So we hacked up authentication via imap.



data_underlay_dir = '/var/lib/moin/underlay'
url_prefix = '/moinmoin'
acl_enabled = 1    
acl_rights_default = u"All:read"
bang_meta = True             # enable !NoWikiName markup
mail_smarthost = 'localhost' # needed to enable Email notification for subscriptions
refresh = 5                  # enables use of #refresh pragma
theme_default = magma        # rightsidebar with serifs
trail_size = 7               # larger history


sitename = u'MagmaWiki' # [Unicode]
interwikiname = 'MagmaWiki'
data_dir = '/var/lib/moin/magma/data'
allowed_actions = ['AttachFile', 'DeletePage', 'RenamePage']
acl_rights_before = u"GeorgLehner:read,write,delete,revert,admin \
edit_locking = 'warn 20'     # increase edit time
logo_string = u"<img src=/wiki/magma.png alt=Logo of the ?MagmaWiki> <b>The Magma Soft Wiki</b>"
mail_from = '...'            # From: header used in sent mails 

Magma Theme

Get attachment:magma-theme.tgz and unpack it in the /usr/share/doc/moin/htdocs directory. Get attachment:magma.py and copy it into your data directory at: data/plugin/theme.


  • My idea on authentication is:
    • to have a Macro ?Login) producing a login button, which goes to a SSL-enabled Page, * where you can login, renew your login, recover your password, and cancel. Maybe I want to be able to change password on this page too...
    • Another Macro ?Logout producing a logout button.
    • The Preferences dialog could be an automaticalle generated subpage of the Homepage... or * whatever, but should be completely apart from authentication.
      • Since ever I'm thinking about a generic authentication module, with different parameterized
        • backends, where either the administrator or the user can determine, where a certain ?WikiName is authorized:
        • native (standard moin wiki)
        • imap
        • pop
        • smtp-auth
        • checkpasswd
        • pam (did not work, because of missing permissions)