Aolserver and !OpenACS: TipsOpenAcs

Debian packages:

apt-get install nscd libnss-pgsql1

oacs and posix-acct: http://www.ni.anteris.net/sw/cvs/anteris/


Read the README file.


createuser -AD nss_pgsql

GRANT SELECT ON acs_posix_acct_passwd TO nss_pgsql;
GRANT SELECT ON acs_posix_acct_group TO nss_pgsql
GRANT SELECT ON acs_posix_acct__members TO nss_pgsql;
GRANT SELECT ON users TO nss_pgsql;

make postgres listen on localhost

Create Manually a User

Find the ?OpenAcs user_id:

SELECT user_id,username FROM users WHERE username = 'jorge'

Say it's: 495, and we give it the uid/gidNumber 10000

INSERT INTO acs_posix_acct__group VALUES ( 'jorge' );
INSERT INTO acs_posix_acct__passwd VALUES ( '495','10000' , '10000', '/home/jorge', '/bin/bash' );
INSERT INTO acs_posix_acct__gecos VALUES ( '495' );

Keep acs_posix_acct_[ug]id_seq in sync.

== nsswitch


host            =
port            = 5432
database        = anteris
login           = nss_pgsql

passwd = "none"

passwdtable = acs_posix_acct_passwd grouptable = acs_posix_acct_group

you can use anything postgres accepts as table expression

groupmembertable = acs_posix_acct_passwd JOIN acs_posix_acct__members ON acs_posix_acct_passwd.uid=acs_posix_acct__members.uid JOIN acs_\

posix_acct_group ON acs_posix_acctmembers.gid=acs_posix_acct_group.gid

passwd_name     = login
passwd_passwd   = passwd
passwd_uid      = uid
passwd_dir      = homedir
passwd_shell    = shell

passwd_gecos    = login
passwd_gid      = uid
group_name      = pa_group
group_passwd    = passwd
group_gid       = gid
group_member    = login


Gerrit Pape's package does not work. We need qmail-getpw and another program with nss-switch/glibc.

You need to install from source.

Caution: I had a problem with sendmail pointing to /usr/sbin/qmail-inject, while it is originall at /usr/bin/qmail-inject


create jabberd2 add jabber to pg_ident for anteris for auth via pipe-auth.sh

See also: TipsOpenAcs