What inline can do

inline is the IkiWiki directive for inlining other pages into the current page or for creating all artefacts a blog might need.


  1. Inline some pages ‘raw’ in the current page.

  2. Blog

    1. Inline (selected) articles in time order in the current page.

    2. Create time ordered list of titles/links to (selected) articles.

inline direcive, example blog

Exploring the example blog delivered with ikiwiki we find the following uses of the inline directive:

Archive month page

Inlines the respectives months articles in full text in reverse order.

According to inline#template, inlinepage.tmpl is used as template.

Created with the ikiwiki-calendar command via the calendarmonth.tmpl.

<div class="inline" id="0"></div>


Creates a lists of titles and relative post date of the (ten most recent) articles, newest first. The titles are links to the respective article.

According to inline#template, archivepage.tmpl is used as template on behalf of the archive=yes parameter.

<div class="inline" id="1"></div>

tags pages

Shows the same as posts.mdwn.

Autocreated tag page.

inline documentation

inline mentions two other templates


“only shows post titles”


“optimised for” Microblogging