Minimal requirements for setting up a server:


  1. Choose a hostname
  2. ?register the hostname
  3. Choose a password for the operator
  4. Set up the server
    1. On hardware or virtual install the operating system
    2. On cloud create the instance
  5. Register the hostname as PTR entry for the IP (reverse DNS)
  6. Install the ?SSH key
  7. Set up your SSH shortcuts
  8. Log in as root
  9. Update the operating system
  10. Install required packages
  11. Make the operator
    • On hardware or virtual the account was already created during install
    • On cloud add the user
      1. Enable operator
      2. Install the ?SSH key in the operator account 1.Log in as operator
  12. Add Tools packages
    • sudo adduser $USER wireshark
  13. sudo update-alternatives --config
  14. hostname
  15. Reboot and check
  16. resolution
  17. socklog