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My experience with the WN Web server

Directory Index

Am I stupid or is it really not included? I want to enter a directory, and get an index.html which shows me clickable links to all files and subdirectories.

To achieve this (in a questionable way) I modified the script which comes with the Boa Webserver, you have to copy it to the CGI-directory of your system. This index.wn file uses it to generate the index.html contents. However it only works if you do have an (eventually empty) index.html file in your directory, you can "touch" it, or use this empty index.html. Strip of the leading _ from index.html and index.wn, they are there, because you would not be able to download them otherwise.

It does not look great, but for the moment it works for me. Check it out here. Hey, and don't forget to run wndex.

Why it is questionable? Because it runs the perl script each time you GET index.html. If the directory is laarge... or your computer is slooow... you'll get your CPU load veery high. originally creates a static index.html file once you run it inside a directory. I didn't want just another cron-job for massaging my web-pages. But if wndex/index.cache had a directive to generate a navegable html directory it would be veery nice and preferable.

Virtual Domains

The WN Documentation states, that WN needs a CNAME record for each Named-Virtual Host in your domains DNS. As CNAME's are deprecated I tried multiple A-records and it worked as well. So there is no need to spoil your pretty domain setup with uglyness:

use A-records for virtual domains!

PersonaliaTopProyectos estudiantiles (spanish)My experience with the WN Web server