This OID tree is used to describe an LDAP schema, defining an ?ObjectClass named WdAddressEntry, which addes informational attributes to the inetOrgPerson ?ObjectClass, as well as the host attribute required by the pam_ldap modules to control access to certain hosts.

It depends on the core and cosine schema.

While ?WdAddressEntry was developed for the internal LDAP directory of ?WebDynamite and ?"LIZENZFREI", it may be used freely. You can download the schema file here: attachment:wd.schema
objectClass ?WdAddressEntry
The following WdAddressEntry attributes just fills a gap, for the following attributes, already defined in other schemas, but not contained in inetOrgPerson:
country name
friendly country name
host computer
general information
The following Attributes are newly defined
greeting: attributetype Salutation used in official letters, example: Mr., Frau
IPPhone: attributetype IP-Phone Address