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OpenRC init


Alpine linux uses Busybox' init as process 1, which in turn runs OpenRC as a service manager.

OpenRC features its own process 1 implementation - openrc-init - which suits container startup perfectly well.

We can reduce (minimally) startup and administration dependencies by replacing /sbin/init with /sbin/openrc-init.

Follow this steps to switch to OpenRC init:

  • Assure terminal configuration on openrc startup
  • Configure OpenRC
  • Configure the container to start openrc-init.

Terminal Configuration

See Busybox getty

After setting up the busybox start script, enable the service for at least the console and tty1. We add tty2 also.

sudo true
CONSOLES="console tty1 tty2"
cd /etc/conf.d
for t in $CONSOLES; do sudo ln -s bgetty bgetty.$t; done
cd /etc/init.d
for t in $CONSOLES; do sudo ln -s bgetty bgetty.$t; done
for t in $CONSOLES; do sudo rc-update add bgetty.$t; done

This does not yet run the gettys. If you want to test one use e.g.: rc-service bgetty.tty2 start.

Note: The console is switched around during startup.  Including it as a bgetty terminal service seems to print out console startup messages on tty1 and then start the login shell there.

Autologin a User

getty runs a login command, which can be replaced with the -l commandline option, however it is not possible to specify options.  So we need to write a login script which is then called by getty:

sudo true
sudo tee /usr/local/bin/login.$USER <<EOF
exec login -p -f $USER
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/login.$USER

The /usr/local/bin/login.USER script logs in USER without prompt and without authentication.

Add a corresponding options line to the bgetty configuration file:

sudo true
sudo tee -a /etc/conf.d/bgetty <<EOF
bgetty_options="-n -l /usr/local/bin/login.$USER"

After starting the respective terminal the users login shell is run immediately. If the user exits the shell she is logged in immediately again.

Configure OpenRC

The following settings in /etc/rc.conf are optional

  • rc_parallel: start up independent services in parallel. gives confusing output on start, but allows almost immediate interaction
  • rc_env: pass all environment variables through to the shell.
  • rc_sys: only important setting
  • rc_tty_number: normally 12 tty's are allocated, we reduce them because we probably don't ever need 'em.

Container Shutdown with OpenRC init

Use openrc-shutdown to shut down the container. Standard init commands like reboot and shutdown won't work.

Configure the LXC Container

Add this to the container config:

lxc.tty.max = 4
lxc.init.cmd = /sbin/openrc-init