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User Interface


  • Visually distinguish internal and external links
  • Enable definition lists
  • Less size spread between header levels.
  • Activate "show blocks" button in the editor
  • Make "inline code" a button like "B"


Reduce visual distraction

  • Too much information for only reading,
    • Recent activity: too long
    • Details: move to bottom
    • Actions/Breadcrumbs
  • Breadcrumbs: instead of using it for hierarchical navigation use for recently visited
  • Single hierarhical navigation feature - best as tree with search button on top, like in chapter view, expand to include book and shelve navigation
  • Make "Left" panel always look the same, don't move display elements around neither regroup them

Code Editor Pains

  • In code edit mode it is not possible to copy&paste to other windows. You have to close the code editor window.
  • Then in edit mode it is also not possible to copy&paste. You have to save the page.
  • Then in display mode it is not possible to copy&paste parts of the code.  You have to copy the whole thing over into an editor, edit it there and then paste it where you need. :(

Previous - Next Navigation


Dynamic Heading Level

Change Heading level with indent/outdent just like list nesting level, instead of selecting the format manually.

In the "Formats" dropdown, there would just be one "Heading" item.

Personal experience shows, that it is practical to select by default the previous heading level when writing text.

Reorder content directly

Instead of a separate menu, activate drag - sorting directly on the overview pages of books and chapters

Semantic Editing

Add html5 semantic elements, mostly inline: strong, em, kbd, abbr, cite, dfn, q, var, ...