Plan 9 from Bell Labs - dead...

On 8 of August 2016 I hooked onto another users question in order to know about the status of Plan 9.

Here is the chat log.

(08:41:22) The topic for #plan9 is: Plan 9 from Plan 9 from Bell
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           Related: 9front (#cat-v), nix, nix-ng, 9atom
(08:41:22) Topic for #plan9 set by newmanbe at 06:26:55 on 28/04/15
(09:18:06) _ed: Is the 9fans mailing list dead?
(09:53:35) sl_: _ed: ask on the list
(10:14:54) _ed: I get no reply from the mailing list email
           address, so asking on the list is impossible
(10:33:44) leg: I got "back" here after four or five years or so
           and it seems that Plan 9 from Bell Labs is
           ... inactive. 9front seems where things are moving,
           what about 9atom? Is there anybody who can tell a story
           about what happened - or if it is already told, can
           point to it.
(10:34:23) khm: you'd have to ask erik about 9atom.  there's
           evidence he's still Doing Stuff with it but he doesn't
           generally announce anything
(10:35:10) khm: I think mcvie and collyer were the last of the old
           guard at the labs, and they've both moved to other
(10:35:39) khm: after nokia acquired alcatel-lucent someone just
           straight shut off the servers for a bit, then they kind
           of went up and down for a while
(10:36:12) khm: but I don't think anyone remains at bell labs who
           is capable of maintaining a plan 9 installation.
(10:53:40) KevinMGranger: leg: also look into harvey, although it
           might be different in intention from what you're
           looking for
(11:06:55) leg: khm, KevinMGranger: what a pitty.  thnks.

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