phpQLAdmin allows administration of a user base according to the needs of Qmail-LDAP.

Problems encountered

Handling of Home/Maildirectory:

Two basic forms of mailbox layout come to mind:

  1. based on unix-style homedirectories:
    • homeDirectory is the path to the mailbox
    • mailDirectory stays empty
  2. "virtual" users - no asociation to unix users:
    • mailDirectory is the path to the mailbox
    • homedirectory stays empty phpQLAdmin implements the second type well, but the first is hard to acomplish.

I made some patches to make it work, however the user creation scripts add a slash // to the end of the homedir...


The debian package creates the file /usr/share/phpqladmin/.DEBUG_ME which does not allow records to be created. The documentation does not mention this (AFAIK). Remove this file to get phpQLAdmin to work.


BSD and unix allow for an improved CRYPT mecanism, which uses 32 Byte encryption and an 8 Byte salt. Standard CRYPT looks like:

  • {CRYPT}k7spX1V501QBw while md5crypt looks like

  • {CRYPT}$1$WeDcFaqH$LH44IO5L8KDJSXeBEUS7c1 $1 indicates that this is md5crypt format, the string between the following to $ signs is the salt and the rest is the hash.

phpQLAdmin does not generate md5crypt passwords...

default shell

We use account, posixAccount and shadow Account with our (virtual) users. It sucks... however: If you create a user without specifying a shell, by default /bin/sh is used. Maybe the default login shell should be specified in LDAP, but then, it should be configured better on the host so it does not use /bin/sh, but /bin/logout or /bin/false i.e.


What do we need the mailserver for??? If we don't need it, then we should not ask for it (it yells at us when we create user)

Domain deleting

Fatal error when we delete a domain. It gets deleted though.

Delete user

When we delete a user we are asked, if we want to unsubscribe her from all mailinglists too. What if we don't manage mailinglists?


server1 como LDAP-server!