The goal of the tutorial is to set up a complete, usable scenario for a network of Plan9 machines, suitable as well for playing around, as for to kickstart a production environment.

For simplicity of the instructions, the hostowner on the cpu machines is left as "glenda", even on the cpu machines. A separate chapter .?/CpuChangeHostowner will/shall be written to show how to change the hostowner of the cpuservers.

  • two machines will be set up: an authserver and a cpu & fileserver.
  • all involved machines receive their IP number from an external dhcp server
  • the domainnames of the involved machines are resolved by en external dns server
  • the fileserver uses an external ntp server to syncronise its time, all other involved machines use the fileserver for time syncronization
  • the authserver:
    • runs fossil without venti
    • secstored
  • the fileserver:
    • runs fossil+venti