• install Plan9 from userspace
  • put your authserver into /usr/local/plan9/ndp/local
  • start factotum
  • connect to your fileserver: 9fs schiefer.magma.com.ni
    • you will be asked username and password
  • mount it:
    9 mount namespace/schiefer.magma.com.ni <mntpoint>
    You are done

The above works only if the 9p file system is not loaded into the Linux kernel. It uses fuse then, and you can:

fusermount -u <mntpnt>

fuse is somewhat unstable, at last it crashed on me silently on high traffic or something similar, and at other times complained about wrong permissions.

mounting with 9p kernel module

  • follow the above steps until connecting, then:
    sudo mount -t 9p \
    -o user=$USER,uid=id -u,gid=id -g,proto=unix \
    namespace/schiefer.magma.com.ni <mntpoint>

See and merge with: TipsAnd/Plan9Fs