To add a user the following steps have to be executed:

  1. The user must be known to the fileserver (and have a home directory)?BR In order to (auto)create the user profile completely the user must be in the sys group
  2. The user must be known to the authserver
  3. Login for the first time and create a default profile


  • connect to the fileserver
  • connect to the fossil console and add the user:
    con /srv/fscons
    uname jorge jorge =jorge
    uname sys +jorge
  • exit with 'Ctl+\' q


* connect to the authserver
* launch the keyserver
* add the user password and other entries
auth/changeuser jorge
* answer the following questions: Password:
at least eight (8) characters
must be the same /!\ as above
assign Inferno/POP secret?:
make it the same as the plan 9 password?:
Expiration date (YYYYMMMDD or never)[return = never]:
just hit return
Post id:
an alias for the user
Users's full name:
Users's email address:
Sponsor's email address:
.. * this address receives copy of notifications when glenda's password is about to expire other email address:
.. don't ask, I sure don't know (yet?)

user profile

  • connect as the new user to the cpu/fileserver
  • run