How to reformat a Kwiki Page to a Moin page:

Kwiki Moin
Unnumbered List: '*','**' intentation is by # of bullets ' *', ' *' intentation is by leading speaces (starting with the first column)
Numbered List: '0' ' 1.'
Labeled Link: [the label text <link>] [<link> the label text]
Horizontal Line: 4+ dashes exactly 4 dashes
example code: first column blank enclose between {{{ and }}}
typewriter: [=text] text
bold/emphasize: *text* '''test''' - three single quotes
italic: /text/ ''test'' - two single quotes
Force Wiki Link: [the link] ["the link"]

The following provides an awk script, which does this translations: kwiki2moin.awk. It is dumb though.