aolconf is a configuration system for Aolserver, which strives to be simple to configure for the enduser and simple to install for the system administrator, while giving control ofer the mostly used features of "standard" Webserver like Apache.

Here you find:


  • implement set mailserver mailserver configuration option (main.tcl
  • implement a per server configuration option for file-upload parameters (server.tcl):
    •     ns_section ns/server/${server}/module/nssock
      # 20MByte, 10 minutos ~ 341kbit/s
      $ns_param   maxinput           [expr 20 * 1024 * 1024] ;# Maximum File Size for uploads in bytes
      $ns_param   recvwait           [expr 10 * 60] ;#Maximum request time in minutes
  • change ns_perm configuration to a sane state, maybe apache htpasswd
    • file like?


  • Logging of run-script should go into error.log
  • logrotation ??